About Us

Our Story

Gear Monkey Bike Repair is locally owned and focused on one thing- providing the best quality bicycle repair at a fair price. Because we don’t sell bicycles, we focus solely on providing repairs and upgrades for your bicycle.

Gear Monkey is a family owned shop and we would love to meet you. Stop by the store to browse our accessories, enjoy a complimentary beverage, and talk to our staff about making sure your bike is in the best condition possible so you can spend your time riding, not repairing.

Pick Up and Delivery: No time to bring the bike to the store? We are happy to pick your bike up from your home, repair it, and either hold it for you to pick up or deliver it back to you ready to ride!

Our Mission

Gear Monkey Bike Repair is committed to providing efficient, high quality service and parts so our customers can get back on their bikes and pursue their passion for riding! Gear Monkey is run by cyclists who understand the importance of a great mechanic. Our mechanics are the core of Gear Monkey’s business and are professional, well qualified, and passionate about bikes.

Scott Barnes
Gear Monkey Mechanic
33 years of experience

Mike Donnelly
Gear Monkey Mechanic
20 years of experience

“We are cyclists with a passion for repairing and improving our own bicycles and we want to share that passion with you.”

Garner D. | Head Gear Monkey