Pearland Triathlon Racing Club

Pearland Triathlon Racing Club

Gear Monkey Bike Repair is proud to be the official bike shop and sponsor of Pearland Triathlon Racing Club

In 2012, the club started as a few local triathletes getting together for a ride on a nice spring weekend. But in the last few years, the club has grown and we have over 100 members.  Although we don’t offically post our rides to the public, the members are free to organize their rides.   We do have a paid membership area where we do post our rides as required by our USAT insurance.  We encourage our public members to join our private membership as it will benefit everyone riding in the group.

Most of our rides start from Morgan Park or Meridiana Parking.  There are vast and quiet roads in Brazoria County.  We ride as far as Surf Side. Each member is responsible for their own safety.  We enourage our members to ride with front and rear lights.  During the daytime, the lights need to set to a flashing mode so that others can see you from a distance.

As for the club, we usually rides on the weekend.  Many of our members are in training in early part of the year.  We have riders with different paces and distances.

We usually gather on Friday late afternoon at Twin Lakes for our open water swim.  Our members meet at the local pools and helping each other improve on our techniques.

Our most active races happened in April.  Those races are for Ironman Texas 70.3 and Ironman Texas (IMTX).   We do train year round for local, regional, and national races.  In 2020, we had 15 members participating in Ironman Florida.  We have more than 15 members signed up for Ironman Florida 2021 (November).

We have a great group of triathetes.  Ironman distance training is hard and required a lot dedications.  We support each other with encouragements and poking fun at each other.