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Since 1999 GHORBA has worked with land managers, owners and state, city and county agencies to build, maintain and preserve off road cycling trails in the Greater Houston area. Through advocacy, education , networking and community service, GHORBA creates a network of trail systems that residents can enjoy for decades to come. GHORBA is a 501c(3) non profit charitable organization. Learn more about GHORBA and join today!

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Our business was started by cyclists, for cyclists. We’re all about welcoming everyone into our network, so building the local biking community is very important to us. If you’re already a cyclist or interested in becoming one there’s nothing better then chatting with people who are passionate about what you love! Sharing your bikes, recommending accessories, exchanging stories and tips for getting out to ride! Join today!

Debuting in December 2019, this non profit organization provides quality orchestra in Pearland and surrounding areas! “The Texas Chamber Symphony is unique in that it shares the ideology of the ‘Brooklyn Model’ by working with artists of various genres, & ‘Extreme Re-scoring’, to develop new and unique performances for audiences.” You’ll find them regularly at Redemption Pearland, but you may see them at our shop soon! The next concert is May 22nd at 2:30pm. Click here to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Established in 1999, PeopleForBikes consists of both an industry coalition of bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation. They focus on making every bike ride safer, easier to access and more fun in Colorado, the field, and Washington, D.C. PeopleForBikes’ foundation is where they are able to plan huge programs and engage individual members, affiliate organizations, and corporate sponsors.

PeopleForBikes has an app! They created Ride Spot to always find awesome routes and get real-time directions. You can track your rides and share your best ride stories with friends right from the app! We love using Ride Spot and know you will, too. To download this app, click the button below!

“We champion each mile, milestone, memory and early morning in the saddle. We believe the start line is as sacred as the town line and the coffee shop as good a reward as the podium. And we cheer just as hard for training wheels coming off as we do for the Olympic Games. Because cycling isn’t just a race or category or type of bike, it’s a way of life. And we’re the passionate caretakers of that lifestyle, amplifying those who represent the best of cycling and championing all who believe in the power of the bike.”

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through The Power of Bicycles. “We are committed to helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. In developing countries, millions of people walk for miles each day just to survive. On foot, individuals race against the sun to complete everyday tasks. World Bicycle Relief delivers specially designed, locally assembled, rugged bicycles for people in need.”

The mission of the Fort Bend Mountain Bike Association (FBMBA) is to establish guidelines and a framework for cooperation between FBMBA and local land owners to collectively work together to build, maintain, and manage multi-use singletrack nature trails while providing opportunities for mountain bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to live healthy active lifestyles. The Fort Bend Mountain Bike Association (FBMBA) is a non-profit volunteer organization with a vision to provide the citizens of Fort Bend County with a network of multi-use natural single track mountain bike trails that are fun, challenging, safe, and easily accessible for outdoor enthusiasts in the local community to enjoy. FBMBA is a proud Chapter Member of the


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Gear Monkey Bike Repair
Grateful to Pearland Coffee Roasters for being one of Gear Monkey Bike Repair Race Team’s long time sponsors and their continued support🐵🔥🚲💪🏼#gearmonkeybikerepair #gmbrraceteam #fortbendkiaracing #southwestcyclingclub #justiceleague9 #majortaylorhoustoncyclingclub #pearlandtx #bicyclepearland #teamtsiklista #houstoncycling #texasms150 #pearlandcycling #thepearlandbikeshop#houstonmtbtrails #memorialparktrails #jackbrookstrails #pearlandtx #pearlandmtbtrail #fbmba #ccorba #anthillsmtb #spidermountainbikepark #houstongrandcrit #hissyfitracing #houstontriathlonmarketplace #houstonracingtriathalonclub #pearlandtriathlonracingclub #motherlandcycling ... See MoreSee Less
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We are go for launch! Park is clear and we will have brooms to take care of any debris on the field. So register at few reminders about today:Keep your latest number - if you were number 1 and now you have 100 use 100 from now on. Numbers on the left side and readable - look at the jersey-pillow at registration tent to see if your number is on correctly.We will have a "ride of silence" lap for William Weidlein between between the last two races which should be around 6:55-7PM so please ride with us to honor our friend. Helmets are required even for little ones. We hope all riders who may be done with their race early stick around to help us honor a life well lived. Lastly there will be a memorial for Bill this Saturday June 10, 2023 for details please look at the flyer on this post. See you all at the "octagon"Bear Creek Crit SeriesSWCC - Southwest Cycling ClubFloyd's of LeadvilleTrek Bicycle HoustonKhalid Alrashed - State Farm AgentCynthia UllmanGear Monkey Bike Repair ... See MoreSee Less
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GMBR had another good night of racing. Adrian takes 2nd in 4/5 and Michael takes 5th in 1/2/3🐵🔥 ... See MoreSee Less
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The Memorial Park Crits are Back!🙈Houston, Texas Date: 7/5/23 and the next eight weeks each Wed. More to Come!! Presented by : Blueline Bicycles, Gear Monkey Bike Repair, Planetary Cycles, Pro Bikes Texas, Trek Houston, Urban Bicycle Gallery and Sun & Ski Sportsgearmonkeybikerepair #gmbrraceteam #southwestcyclingclub #justiceleague9 #majortaylorhoustoncyclingclub #pearlandcoffee #teamtsiklista #texasms150 #fortbendkiaracing #pearlandcycling #houstongrandcrit #motherlandcycling #pacebendweekend #thedrivewayseries #laprimaveraatlagovista #usacycling ... See MoreSee Less
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Be safe; take care of yourself and others 🇺🇸#gearmonkeybikerepair #southwestcyclingclub #justiceleague9 #majortaylorhoustoncyclingclub #teamtsiklista #houstoncycling #texasms150 #pearlandcycling #houstonmtbtrails #memorialparktrails #jackbrookstrails #sugarlandtrails #pearlandmtbtrail #fbmba #ccorba #anthillsmtb #spidermountainbikepark #fortbendkiaracing #houstongrandcrit #hissyfitracing #houstontriathlonmarketplace #houstonracingtriathalonclub #pearlandtriathlonracingclub #motherlandcycling #gravelbike #gravelgrinder #houstongravelgrinders #gravelcycling #houstongravelcollective ... See MoreSee Less
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