Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing

Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing

Gear Monkey Bike Repair Race Team Riders

Racers: Adrian Campos, Antonio Mitchell, Bill E Pearce, Carlos Acosta, Carlos Landron, Christopher Kapraun, Craig Hensley, David Moulton, Dennis Robinson, Edmund Santiago, Elias Ventura, Garret Hanson, John Peacock, Kevin Foster, Lumi Oshin, Michael P Homan, Parker Honn, Raymund Meca, Ricardo Vera, Travis Crisman, Tyrone Mayo, Dennis Robinson, Lea De Jesus, Mario Arryo, Oliver Marte

Training Partners: Ben Pinnow, Darrell Edwards,  Kevin Foster, Marjorie Muniz-Monroy, Matt Brown, Michael Emshoff, Ram Ramesh, and Shawn Staples

Gear Monkey Bike Repair is proud to announce it is now the title sponsor for the team formerly known as the Pearland Cycling Race Team, now known as Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing.  The team will focus primarily on gravel races, criteriums, and road races with some time trials mixed in for good measure.

The Gear Monkey Bike Repair Racing Team was created to give Pearland and South Houston area bike racers a local team to ride and race with and to provide support for their bikes.   Whether you race road, gravel, mountain bike or even velodrome, there is a spot for you on the Gear Monkey Bike Repair Team!

The team is composed of a mix of riders of all experience and age levels so it’s highly likely ther will be someone from the team competing in your event or category. In addition, there is a core of experienced riders in all categories to help you get started at  or improve your performance for whatever type(s) of racing you want to  start learning or take to the next level..

In addition to access to experienced riders, there is access to the Gear Monkey Bike Repair Shop with mechanics experienced in optimizing performance in all types of race bikes and a shop with all kinds of equipment to help you get faster (yes, you can buy speed).

The Gear Monkey Team usually has two weekend training rides to build fitness, team comradery and prepare for specific races. The longer and harder ride is usually on Saturday mornings with a more relaxed “recovery” ride on Sunday.

The Gear Monkey team also has an experienced and certified USA Cycling coach who can give advice, answer training questions, and even provide detailed training plans (at a reasonable cost).  His experience is based on years of racing and years of providing coaching expertise to riders who win.

Races the Team is preparing for include: the Houston Bear Creek Park Criterium series; The Houston Grand Criterium; The Summer Criterium Series at Memorial Park; and out of town trips to Tulsa for the Tough in Tulsa races; the Hotter Than Hell in Wichita Falls; the State Championship Road Races at Fort Hood; and numerous gravel and MTB races around Texas. 

The Team Co-sponsors are:


Bruckner & Burch PLLC.

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Silverlake Animal Clinic