Our Valued Partners

Bicycle Speed Shop

While we do “comfort” bike fits, visit our friends at the Bicycle Speed Shop for a complete Bike Fitting.  Located in Houston, Bicycle Speed Shop uses Retül technology to assist bike fitters in making objective and accurate fit decisions. Using Retül, they record a rider’s position while they are in motion, which gives us the most realistic picture of the rider’s actual pedal strokes and body positions during a ride. This assists us in making the absolute best choices for a comfortable, efficient setup.

INCLUDES: Biomechanical Analysis; Cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment; Dynamic data capture of 3D full-body movements to determine optimal position; Real-time recording of power output and physiologic response to help determine optimal position; Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry.

The English Cyclist

Visit our friend, Rob, in the UK to turn your  Strava ride into a beautiful print!

“Your epic ride visualised as a custom cycling map print. 
If you’ve completed a tough ride, sportive or an epic multi-day trip then get some evidence in the pain cave.”

All you need is a Strava account or upload the GPX of your ride! These stunning art pieces only cost £35.

Start building your map today!

Wild Pear Running

Are you running instead of riding, or like to walk in comfort? Wild Pear Running in Pearland has a ton of options to choose from and we know you’ll get excellent service in their store!

Whether you are training for a fall marathon you’ve been looking forward to or just staying fit this summer, you will need the right footwear and fitness products. However, looking for high-quality shoes and accessories can be challenging, especially if you are doing your sole-searching on your own.

Fortunately, Wild Pear Running in Pearland, TX can help. Through our products and services, we are committed to helping you establish your own happy pace!

Check out their website!